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Strong Governance

As authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, solid regulatory and governance controls and procedures characterise SL's internal operational processes. These well established processes and controls equip us to respond to and meet the evolving regulatory requirements of not only the Financial Conduct Authority, but also Irish and US regulatory requirements.

SL operates a number of governance committees within its operational structure.
  • Pricing & Allocation Committee
  • Asset Allocation Oversight Committee
  • Risk Committee.

Pricing & Allocation Committee

Conduct weekly meetings to discuss pricing levels, allocate successful acquisitions and also set purchasing quotas for the coming week. Representatives of the Trading and Fund Management Teams attend and decide on policy allocation, pursuant to guidelines set. 

Asset Allocation Oversight Committee

Ensures a fair and consistent allocation of Life Settlement policies to all SL clients. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that suitable reports are produced to allow the Committee to monitor that the policy is being applied as part of the day-to-day investment operations within SL.

Risk Committee

Meets quarterly and comprises senior management and Board representatives: the attendant group is chaired by a Non-Executive Director. The purpose of the Committee is to review "Risk" and ensure actions appropriately prioritised across the organisation to manage risk appropriately. 

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