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BlackOak LP

BlackOak Investors LP is a medium to long term Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) aimed at achieving steady capital growth at favourable risk adjusted rates irrespective of movements in mainstay asset classes.

The fund invests in US Senior Life Settlements - life insurance policies originally taken out by US citizens, where the individual in their senior years has chosen to sell their policy in the secondary market to an investor such as BlackOak Investors LP.

Launched in February 2014, the fund unit price at the end September 2018 was $21.6003; representing a 116.0% gain from the initial launch price of $10.0000.

Importantly, 76.8% of this performance has been achieved through realised gains. Actual policy maturities and trading profits as opposed to unrealsed gains measured against the portfolio valuation.

To our knowledge, no other manager in the market has achieved this level of sustained realised gains on a Life Settlement portfolio, and would challenge any investor or manager to prove us otherwise!


Patrick round

"We are delighted with the performance of the fund over the past 4-5 years, with impressive annualised growth of 17.9% since fund inception. The active trading strategy has proved to be a particularly useful feature in achieving realised fund returns in the initial period following on from launch."

 Patrick McAdams CFA | Fund Manager | October 2018

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Or, for more information please visit the BlackOak Investors LP website.