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With-profit endowment reviews

With-profit endowment review 2018

Created: 12-04-2018 Size: 121Kb Author: Fred Bell

The major UK equity indices (FTSE 100, 250 and All-Share) all achieved solid gains over the 2017 calendar year with each hitting a record high during the year; this despite the markets wavering during the summer months following the snap general election in June.

High dividend payments and ongoing loose monetary policy from the Bank of England... Read more

With-profit endowment review 2017

Created: 04-04-2017 Size: 115Kb Author: Fred Bell

The performance of the leading UK equity indices was noticeably mixed during 2016.

A weak and volatile first half to the year was contrasted by a very strong recovery (following the Brexit referendum) in the second half of the year leading to closing positions reaching new all-time highs. Property indices had a relatively poor year, however... Read more

With-profit endowment review 2016

Created: 23-03-2016 Size: 237Kb Author: Louise Witts

The performance of the leading UK equity indices was particularly volatile during 2015

A strong start to the year was contrasted by falls in the second half of the year leading to closing positions similar to levels at the beginning of the year. Property indices had another strong year, achieving double digit returns... Read more

With-profit endowment review 2015

Created: 12-03-2015 Size: 102Kb Author: Fred Bell

In general, equity performance during 2014 was not particularly impressive, certainly when compared with the previous year.

However, the performance of the With-Profit funds has been driven by solid performance in the fixed interest assets and impressive performance in the property sector. Indeed the property index suggests… Read more

With-profit endowment review 2014

Created: 27-03-2014 Size: 103Kb Author: Fred Bell

The performance of world equity markets during 2013 was generally quite strong and the movements in property indices suggested a potential double digit return on UK property investments.

Conversely, UK Gilt markets and fixed interest stock performed poorly although the balanced asset mixes that typically underlie the... Read more

With-profit endowment review 2013

Created: 05-04-2013 Size: 103Kb Author: Louise Witts

Without exception, the published 2012 annual returns for each of the With-Profit funds were positive but some fell someway short of the returns achieved by the indices of underlying assets.

Table A shows the annual returns achieved on the assets in the with-profit funds of the larger Life Companies together with... Read more