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05 March 2015

IFoA Mortality and Longevity Seminar 2015

SL Investment management senior actuary, Louise Witts attended the latest in a series of events held by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) on Mortality and Longevity.

Royal College of Physicians

The seminar was held at the prestigious Royal College of Physicians in Regent's Park, London, and was targeted at life and pensions actuaries eager to learn more about the latest developments in mortality and longevity.

Tim Gordon, as Chairman of the CMI Executive Committee, opened the seminar with an update on the investigations the committee are currently pursuing on longevity.

Louise commented, "The Continuous Mortality Investigation Committee have a key role within the UK insurance industry. They are an independent committee providing mortality and sickness tables for use by

UK life insurers and pension funds. It was of particular interest to hear about the challenges the Committee faces in analysing high age mortality. Not only is available data limited for lives aged 95 years and above, but experience across insurers can differ considerably"

"These are issues shared within the US life insurance sector. Keeping abreast with UK developments provides SL with a broader overview of the issues, and supports further development of our extensive due diligence processes we perform on US underwriters."

A more detailed summary of the presentations given at the seminar can be found here. Alternatively, please contact Louise direct for further information on the seminar, or to discuss life settlement investments in general.