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Actuarial and Asset Valuation

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SL Investment Management is the only known UK based Secondary Life Asset Manager with its own in-house Actuarial Team. We offer our clients a fully rounded service in an industry where asset valuation is at the heart of delivering investor returns.

In-House Actuarial Expertise

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Aggregating policies into investment portfolios that will generate value for investors is dependent upon accurate modelling and pricing together with rigorous asset selection.

The critical task of assessing the value of policies for acquisition, and portfolios in fund, is achieved by using an actuarially-based proprietary valuation software, designed and built in MoSes (a modelling development environment licensed from Towers Watson, for use by actuaries and risk professionals).  This bespoke approach enables the risks in using existing off the shelf Life Settlement packages for more complex models, which do not adequately reflect varying features of all policy types and charging structures to be overcome.

SL's proven and unique value-based pricing system makes us an expert in these areas and the in-house actuarial and valuation services team capabilities makes us unique in the market, enabling us to deliver a full service solution to investors from fund modelling & projections, scenario testing, to the generation of pricing criteria and portfolio asset valuations. This capability enables the development of complex projection and allows clients to make informed decisions to achieve their investment objectives.

The Actuarial Team apply their expertise to deliver knowledge-based performance.

SL's Actuarial and Valuation Team Offer:

  • Criteria advice
  • Price and valuation verification and calculation services
  • Actuarial due diligence on policy packages during purchase
  • Premium optimisation services
  • Asset valuation
  • Portfolio reporting services
  • Cash flow projection modelling and reporting
  • Mortality analysis

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