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US Life Settlements

With an estimated annual market of $4bn, Life Settlements present an attractive opportunity for investors seeking more stable returns than often seen in other more widely known asset classes.

What are US Life Settlement Investments?

A US Life Settlement policy is a longevity-based policy that has, or is being, sold by the original policy owner. The investor - or new owner pays a lump sum to acquire the policy and then assumes the responsibility to pay the premiums for the remaining term of the policy. In exchange the investor will collect the net benefits on maturity that would otherwise have been received by the original policyholder.  With low-market correlation and low volatility, Life Settlement investments can deliver more stable returns than those levels seen in other traditional asset classes.

Value Creation in Life Settlement Investment

The primary driver of investor return is accurately assessing the distribution of mortality events for each insured life and thereby arriving at the "right" price for each policy. The same analysis is needed for subsequent valuation of policies to ensure that portfolio valuation is fair and consistent for all investors and the price at which investors invest or redeem units or shares is fair.

Using actuarially robust policy pricing and portfolio valuation methodologies is vital to both generate an attractive investment performance through buying policies at suitable prices and also to ensure fairness between investors. SL's in-house actuarial team bring dedicated and specialist expertise to this vital element of secondary life asset investment performance. This expertise and understanding of the importance of robust valuation methodology supports SL's position as one of the leading authorities in secondary life asset management.

The Role of the Investment Manager

Whilst Life Settlements can present an attractive investment opportunity, the appointment of an experienced investment manager is critical. Robust asset valuation and management plays a key role in delivering investor return. Detailed due diligence at policy acquisition stage, effective asset valuation methodology, transparency of fees, approach to liquidity provision, efficient and thorough operational processes and acknowledgement of regulatory environment and tax implications should all be considered in manager choice.

SL's Experience

Experienced in our field, SL has purchased over 60,000 UK and US traded life policies since inception. Entering the US Life Settlement market in 2003, we have subsequently managed or advised 12 Life Settlement portfolios purchasing over 2,500 policies with approximately $145 million maturity value collected for investors.

As an Investment Manager and Adviser which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with a presence in UK, Ireland and Luxembourg, SL is also MiFID (Market in Financial Instruments Directive) compliant.  Guide to Life Settlements (thumbnail large)

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